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Dec 25, 2012 5:00pm EST
presidential election in the united states. there were people people saying it's not this person. tim pawlenty drops off and michele bachmann drops off and left with a last person standing. it's not about picking a winner. it's picking losers. this is not the person. this is not the person. finally you get the last person standing. >> host: process of e elimination. >> which is consistent in whatever organization it is. i think it is in a sense is a simplified version of reality. i think you used a theory. theory start with simple and you make them more complex. if you take ge famous for the way it chooses lards. ge we always tell our students it's a company that works at practice but not in theory. it doesn't seem to do any of the things we say it should do. it's incredible profitable. if you have to pick them it's good at picking leaders. it's good at developing managers and picking the right people. ge spends twenty years selecting among the organization and slowly promoting them over and over and over again. and so the end of the day, twenty years, so you to work your way up. at the end of
Dec 23, 2012 9:00pm EST
to our elected officials? >> guest: to anybody that reads it i hope, but certainly i find a lot of my liberal friends and think we can say this about me your bloomberg come he is so preoccupied with the problem of gun violence in the city that he thinks the only way to think about it is to crack down on everybody's ability to acquire firearms and the district of columbia. >> host: particularly i know you get into the book and there's a lot of this in the book that deals with a concealed carry law who has the right to carry a gun and how you think that should be handled? do you talk about it -- >> guest: i think in general all gun legislation who can own guns aside from these categories we talked about before what circumstances we carry the shuttle be as local as possible. people in new york need different roles than people in new york city in montana or texas the your best able to decide what kind of rules they should have unfortunately a lot of states the gun lobby has made it possible or impossible for local jurisdictions to make their own rules. most police to have rules about shoo
Dec 24, 2012 12:00am EST
. more safely than we do now. >> host: is the book ahow ressed to lhol,erals or gun owners or elected officials? >> guest: anybody who needs it. but certainly -- i talked to my liookral frienort and you can sy that's about mayor bloomberg so preoccuphinkd with the problem f gun and iolence in the city that he thinks the only way to deal with it is just to keep cracking down habier on everuybodyt p a waselo acsiontrie firearms. new york city's laws are almost as strict as they were in the district of colum wasea. >> host: the laws in new york, particularly -- you get into the book -- deal with the concealed cackey lly ms. who has a right to get a per notice carry a gun. how do you think that should be handled? >> guest: i thiali in general al gun legislation on who can own gun aside from the federal cate-sries -- under what ctri hapraltances and when you y and when you don't, they should all be as l lawal as possibl-c people in new york need different rules than people in new york city i mean -- than people in montana, or t guas, pr a i ly. th wrly ae best able to decide t kind of rule
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3